Friday, September 3, 2010

MildBreeze Logo

So once again I've started churning up Logos.
MinBreeze started out, as, always a sketch. It was one fine morning and I had nothing to do here at office. IDK why...Office is such a good place to think and churn stuff up...Creative/Destructive and maybe even Perverted :P.
So I just thought about breeze flowing through the windows and thought about how I could represent it visually and minimally. Couldnt figure out a way so I just started on another logo design and then things started goin the breezy thing again and within 10 mins or so MildBreeze logo was ready! WHOA! And it looked good for such a short time of 10mins. Fiddled with it more and tweaked some nice colors. Added the typo with Gotham Black (Yes, again, Toldya I am in love with that font, he he).

Find it here:

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