Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Man of Steel Wallpapers

Here are some wallpapers if you are anticipating for Man Of Steel. Hell, take it anyway even if you are not!

The Wallpapers are provided in these resolutions:
800x1280 for Nexus 7 Users

Feel free to share though please accredit/redirect to this page if you use it anywhere! 

Click Man of Steel Wallpaper the image to download.

Man of Steel Logo, Man of Steel Text are properties of DC Comics/Warner Bros


Hugely inspired from Aubrey Plaza's 'Julie Powers' I decided to make this strip dedicateds toward Aubrey's deadpan style acting. I loved her in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World as well as Safety Not Guaranteed. This abuse-spewing, not-a-care-in-the-world, emo-bit*#h is Aubrey (You know where the name came from, obviously). 

The Grim

The Grim, a personal project I'd been working on for a while. Due to work this was stagnant for a while...I am glad its done now.
Photoshop CS6. 7-ish Hours!
(delayed due to work and other stuff)!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Featured On CreativeGaga Magazine March/April 2013

I was one among the very few who were lucky enough to be featured on the Mar/April issue of CreativeGaga Magazine. 
Wouldn't have been possible without your immense support.
Thanks to you all, for helping me cross out one thing off my bucketlist!