Friday, October 22, 2010

Digital Art: Going Beyond!

Going Beyond the Water and to the skies!
Jellyfishes creeps me out...PERIOD.
But thats no excuse not to paint it digitally...
Ever wondered what'd happen if those jellyfishes took off to the skies? Nothing much other than we, on the surface, be often stung :P

'Submerged' had been a WIP since June 8 2010.
I had no idea where to go with it...up until today.
I wanted to paint a creature or a monster or a surreal painting of a drowning girl.
But I went for a more a conceptual one.

Find it here:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WhizKid - Cel-shaded-esque Logo

I have always been obsessed with Cel-shaded graphics. The first time I played XIII, the time I saw Scanner Darkly and recently playing Borderlands...the novelty never faded.
ThinkCaps (always wanted one) also amused me when I was a kid...I remember reading a comic strip of a little kid who used his thinkcap to escape outta sticky situations. Dont remember what the comic strip was called though.
This logo is a tribute to both the ThinkCap & the cel-shaded world.

This is the non-Cel-shaded one.

Find it here:

Caret Logo

Caret - "what you have been missing!"
I did a bit of research before doing Caret logo.
The 'Caret' as it seems has different meaning and usage though the most common one is used in proof reading. Inserting some words/text in between two other words/text is what Caret is used for.

Find it here:

Medal Of Honor 2010: Repost

Reposted from a Deviation from DeviantArt
December 10, 2009 245 KB 1600×1000

Well Now that Modern Warfare 2 is released and become beyond awesome....It's EA's turn to reboot its old rival up.
In December 2009 EA Announced MEDAL OF HONOR with its modern war setting and a new War-Hero...who is supposed to be tough as nails and awefully resembling Capt Price/Soap MacTavish.
WTH...I'll jus cross my fingers and wait for it...coz before MW2 I was a MOH Fanboy!
This Fan art is a homage to you...MOH! Created using BG images from the MOH Site and Photoshop.
Click for full size wallpaper

Here is something from my blog for your reading pleasure: A Call of Duty You'll Die for!
The Verdict is out: Here are the reviews for Medal Of Honor.
IGN Review
GameTrailers Review Video

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Injecto Logo - Prototype

2 days back asked injecto me to design him a logo.
I started working on some concepts and this was one of them. I incorporated some music notes in the stuff inside the syringe though there is another one without them too.
Check out his remixed track @ BeatPort

Find it here:

Unishare Logo

Unishare Logo.
A single download shared my multiple users is the concept.
Aah...Been there! Seen that! Right?
Font: Avantgarde

Click image to Enlarge:

Find it here: