Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Medal Of Honor 2010: Repost

Reposted from a Deviation from DeviantArt
December 10, 2009 245 KB 1600×1000

Well Now that Modern Warfare 2 is released and become beyond awesome....It's EA's turn to reboot its old rival up.
In December 2009 EA Announced MEDAL OF HONOR with its modern war setting and a new War-Hero...who is supposed to be tough as nails and awefully resembling Capt Price/Soap MacTavish.
WTH...I'll jus cross my fingers and wait for it...coz before MW2 I was a MOH Fanboy!
This Fan art is a homage to you...MOH! Created using BG images from the MOH Site and Photoshop.
Click for full size wallpaper

Here is something from my blog for your reading pleasure: A Call of Duty You'll Die for!
The Verdict is out: Here are the reviews for Medal Of Honor.
IGN Review
GameTrailers Review Video

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