Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celluloid Freak

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Movies I love....
Movies That Inspired Me...
Movies that Altered Me...
Here are those movies that I adore...

01. The Matrix [The Wachowski Brothers]
02. The Godfather
[Francis Ford Coppola]
03. The Fountain [Darren Aronofsky]
04. Fight Club [David Fincher]
05. Requiem For a Dream [Darren Aronofsky]
06. Into The Wild [Sean Penn]
07. The Dark Knight [Christopher Nolan]
08. Snatch [Guy Ritchie]
09. Ocean's Eleven [Steven Soderberg]
10. Spirit The Stallion Of Cimaron [Kelly Asbury & Lorna Cook]
11. Memento [Christopher Nolan]
12. Sin City [Robert Rodriguez]
13. SwordFish [Dominic Sena]
14. Forrest Gump [Robert Zemeckis]
15. Lucky Number Slevin
[Paul McGuigan]
16. The Incredibles [Brad Bird]
17. Lord Of the Rings Return Of The King [Peter Jackson]
18. King Kong [Peter Jackson]
19. KiLL BiLL Vol 1 [Quentin Tarantino]
20. KiLL BiLL Vol 2 [Quentin Tarantino]
21. Star Wars [George Lucas]
22. Shawshank Redemption [Frank Darabont]
23. Back To the Future Trilogy [Robert Zemeckis]
24. DreamCatcher
[Lawrence Casdan]