Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On a Logo Design Spree!

Back to Designing!

And I am back to Designing and am exploring the Logo world now!
Its good fun to design logos...and been on a designing spree since then (ie whenever I get time).
My first project was based on an Australian Nursing Services company. Worked on 4 concepts and numerous revisions. Though I loved my first design I am not satisfied with the clients final choice. I tried to convince to choose another one...but the Force wasnt strong with that one so they decided to choose roughest design of all.

These are the designs: (Click to Enlarge)

The company's name was PNSA Professional Nursing Services Australia.
So as the first design goes I made it look BLUE - so corporate and environmental friendly with that green cross representing health and medical care (as I cant use a RED CROSS).
The second one was something that came outta no where as the client asked to incorporate a golbe with Australia in it.
The third one was a variant of the first one when I was playing with Photoshop and the client asked that he had plans to widen his business more than being in Medical field so he asked not to incorporate anythn related with Medicine and Health.
The fourth is the one the client chose. The Logo was meant to be a banner for their website though the client liked it. Too bad I wasnt able to convince them! The logo according to me just MEH!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

POW! Magazine: √úbermensch

I don't know why I did this!
I saw a video by Rodriga Rojas showing the 'Batman Icon's Mutation' and I thought I do something for the very first superhero I have known...Superman.
Coz Batman is having all the limelight...and Superman is left with a puny 'Superman Returns'...
I also did a fake magazine cover featuring this art. This is my very first magazine cover design. Hoping to do more.
Superman, Batman Superman Logo copyright DC Comics.
Hope u enjoy this!

Click for full size.