Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let it Play: Me & The Music!

To start off with I love it whatever language that is...though as always I like the movie compositions the most...Modern Rock, Smooth Jazz, Trance and Fusion to accompany.
While at the movies, many of my friends ogle at the SFX and cinematogrpahy and awe at the story...I enjoy the music as well. I mean I'd be like "Dude...the music from Sherlock Holmes' fuckin amazing....especially in that title sequence...did u hear the composition" and they'd be like "Yeah (meh!)...the scene was brilliant" and go on bragging about the lights, story and everything else.
The number of 'let-downs' Iv got from my friends regarding music were innumerable.

I, though remained listening and re-listening and relishing the music from the motion pictures. Imagine watching an action movie without all the'll drain off the thrills, chills and adrenaline rush.

I remember when i was a kid...i used to record theme songs frm TV via my dad's FairMate tape recorder. I used to keep it near the TV speakers and record the theme...with utmost precision and when the cassette is filled with songs. I named in CarTunes...or something. Used to be crazy about theme's from SwatKats, Jonny Quest, Lion King, PocaHontas, Ninja Robots, Quack Pack and all. Cant recollect much...
I'd like to list out some of my favorite composers from Holly

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sackdoll!

Another Character sketch done in the past two weeks.

This here is SackDoll. He was Little Johny's favorite toy until The Sackdoll, lost his nerves due to depression and grabbed a butcher knife and killed Little Johny. The Sackdoll chopped Little Johny to little pieces...its jute hand filled with blood, gore, chunks of flesh and other bodily fluids.
I guess I am too depressed....Better stop narrating now!

This has been lingering in my thoughts for sometime.
Innocence - Evil - Murder all woven into one god damn SACKDOLL.
And Guess wot it did now...It KiLLS!
Come to think of it now...Reminds me of Chucky somehow..

Find it here:

World of Ashes

I began writing again...
Depression, obviously, being the Catalyst.
So here goes...

Nights of Loneliness,
Days of Despair,
A world that awaits,
Filled without Aspire.

Banquets without appetite,
Times devoid of thirst..
My Life'd be the first,
Like a brittle stalactite.

Breezes feeling scorched,
Breath scented parched,
All that invites me,
Are whiffs of smoke
And a world of Ash.

Find it here:

Depressed New Sketches

All new sketches to feed my cravings.

I've been on a sketching spree for the past two weeks.
Most of them completely featured on depressed thoughts.