Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Assassin's Creed Minimalist Wallpaper

If the previous Assassin's Creed Wallpaper was any sign that I was a fan of the series then this wallpaper indicates that I am a faithful follower of the series forever more.

Following the minimalist approach I hope AC fans will love this wallpaper. So here's another fan wallpaper for AC fans and not alike.
Its widescreen 1920x1080. Download and feel free to share* and use.

* When you are sharing it'd be great if you please attach a link to track back to this page. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ecostats Logo

Back to Logo Designs! :)
Ecostats exactly depicts what the name suggests.
Thoughts, sketches and creative prototypes were put aplenty on this.
Green > Eco > Shadow > Sunlight > Vegetation > Growth > Graph > High/Lows... There goes the list.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All The Snow - UPDATED!

A Change from the usual logo designs and fan arts...
Quickie in under an hour..Photoshop CS4.
"I remembered she always wanted me to draw a white mouse or a bunny...ergo..."
Dedicated especially to Nix

Saturday, October 15, 2011

All The Snow!

A Change from the usual logo designs and fan arts...
Quickie in under an hour..Photoshop CS4.
"I remembered she always wanted me to draw a white mouse or a bunny...ergo..."
Dedicated especially to Nix!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I Thought! is Online!

Finally What I Thought! is Online... Feel free to have a glimpse...comment and shout out ur cuss..
Excerpt from What I Thought!

"Happy to see everybody who stumbled over here. Before wasting so much of your time reading this ABOUT page…this blog is exactly what the header says.. WHAT I THOUGHT!

Be it movies, games and other stuff…its WHAT I THOUGHT about them. Afterthoughts might be added too from time to time.

I dont consider myself as a reviewer. I am just shouting off my opinions off on Movies, Games and Whatnot and it so happens that I like to write too…So there you go… Neither do I want any of you to be biased/offended or even the slightest way what I write.. PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS ABOUT THINGS… These are mine..Live with it! Some people may feel at home…others may want to bite the flesh off my bones. Lemme know if there are any btw… :)

Happy Reading! (OR NOT!)

PS: BTW u can read the URL any way u want… Be it “Wha Tit Hot” Or “What I Thot”. All Puns intentional!"

Head over to or click on the image below.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Logo: Doodle

Offspring of a lazy evening and minimalism.

For Sale

Logo: The Caparison

The Caparison is the brainchild of mine...when in a proud to be Keralite moment. Started out as a minimalist design....but midway decided to flesh the details out. The first logo prototype was an elephant-esque negative space inside an alphabet.
Thinkin of posting it later.

For Sale

Wallpaper: In The Dark Season 2

Yes In The Dark is back with Season 2.
Remember This ?
and These
Season 2 packs more of the original scares, thrills and chills..
Download for widescreen wallpaper

Ofcourse its a fake. Just tryin to brand my designs wit some hype! Zombie SELLS! People will say that I've got 'inspired' from 'Dead Island' banners and logo...well its not the case...As u can see I just inverted the original 'In The Dark' wallpapers' colors that was done back in 2008. Though yes Dead Island is awesome.

Wallpaper: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Bloody Hell! Its happening again!
Days of drool, previous visits to prequels, infinite number of preview views, fan-art designing...AWAITS! MW 3 is coming!

Real quickie: done in like 6 minutes. Piece Of Cake for most of u out there.

Download for Wallpaper res: 1366x768

Previous COD Stuff

Call of Duty, MW3, Modern Warfare, MW3 Poster, fonts and elements are all copyrighted by Activision.

Wallpaper: Tron Legacy

Still making TRON Legacy fan-art and loving it.
Though this could be a Tron Legacy 2 fan-art...something for the obvious sequel. So this is designed on some of the assumptions I had. Is CLU really gone for good? GRID is finally done with? What if both isn't gone and what if they make a comeback, opening a portal into our world a
s with CLU's obvious intentions (To make our imperfect world...PERFECT!)?
What if the dark forces (more like the orange programs) of the GRID starts taking over our world?
The design solely represents that. The Blue rings with the white glow represents the surviving good programs who lives in harmony with the meager amount of ISOs, represented in white. And yes, TRON aka Rinzler evidently turns out good at the end of LEGACY and obviously will return in the sequel as a savior so his logo in blue is also included, though still having shades of orange (evil) on it. And CLU's forces starts taking over them...slowly..Think of it as a loading bar of a game...though its 'Not Anymore' :P, starting from left CLU's forces are gradually dominating to the our world..
Will Sam & Quorra and Allen be able to save us before it reaches 'end of line'? Yes my imagination's going wild..I Know..but these plot points could be effectively realized paving way to another great sequel.

Download for widescreen wallpaper

Logo: Blink

And I am back to minimalism...have been tryin to churn up minimal stuff in logos and it was very tough...
Iv sketched n scribbled in like 5 pages and still I cudnt come up with as minimal design as well as justify minimalism.
The Circle wasnt there before... But I improvised for good or bad...thats for u to decide... I have even not bothered to use a vignette so as to keep it as minimal as possible! :D

For Sale!

Logo: Attune

Attune is evidently inspired! You can say its a THEFT...but the idea to make this a logo is entirely mine. :P
Attune is a for a friend who's into fashion designing...hope she print the cards soon.

Logo: Kaboom

Kaboom is a tribute to comic designs and bubble pops... It wasnt made a logo...But sure can be perceived if someone wants to... IDK...I just love it...there is another version...just practicin on my designs..
For Sale

Logo: Whichita

Whichita... or Wichita (A Kansas City) logo meant for boutique..

For Sale

Logo: Pebble Spider

I was and always has been an arachnid fan...
Pebble Spider emerged from a sketch I did.
Refining was done in abundance!

For Sale!

Monday, April 11, 2011

QuadFold Logo

I had to do something which looked fresh, rich and 3d-ish...
And I decided to make a logo entitled doublefold...but then again I though...what could be better than doublefold???

Yup....'QuadFold'.... "double the Doublefold!"...
Yeah I know pretty cheesy...but serves to be a good enuff excuse to design a logo..

Put a lot of thought into this one alright...there had been endless revisions to make it looks much more unique hope Iv achieved what I had in mind.

Super Android

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S a few weeks back and I realize I am in love with Android... Yes it is heart-breaking to leave my old Nokia 5800's Symbian..with its abundant bugs and frequent lags...but Android is the next big thing in mobile already is!
Well this is for all ye Android lovers out there...

Pebble Spider Logo

I was and always has been an arachnid fan...
Pebble Spider emerged from a sketch I did.
Refining was done in abundance!

For Sale!

Wichita Logo

Whichita... or Wichita (A Kansas City) logo meant for boutique..

Monday, January 31, 2011

Got MiLK?

Yet another brainstorming logo idea.
This was an unexpected & instinctive Logo design.

i Love zOmbies!

Oh yes..I do love Zombies! In fact I'd say George A Romero is a GOD! I have'nt missed any big Zombie releases, am a die hard fan of 'The Wakling Dead' GNs.
Have dreamt Zombies!
This is an homage to all things ZOMBIE! :D
Here's a list of some of my favorite Zombie movies:
Night Of the Living Dead
Dawn of The Dead (Snyder Version)
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
Resident Evil
Shaun of The Dead
Brain Dead
There's lot more...
I have been asked why I omitted the 'O' from 'Zombie'... I'd say I went with FCUK! :D
Download for 1920x1080 Widescreen wallpaper!