Thursday, July 29, 2010


DeathNote has been in the Design phase for sometime now.
I mean I sketched it a month back...when I was going thru that disturbed phase (On 2nd thot...wen wasnt I ever distrubed? LOL). So it had remained a sketched since until today morning. When I suddenly opend Photoshop and started working on the sketch....and within like 4 hours...VOILA.... Mr. Boone is writing his Deathnote in Digital!
I know with 4 hours...It still doesnt look 'Abducted Wire'. Or Maybe its just me! See the original sketch here

"au revoir cruel monde"

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coffee Time!

Aah yes Coffee...what could be more refreshing than a cup?
Warm to hold the cup and when u place yours lips on the rim of the cup the warmth just flows into u...making u feel all rejuvenated...
Was just feeling bored and was completely sitting 'jobless' at office and it hit me...I didn't do much personal work last 2 months. Oy vey! So I started working on this. I know I had a great concept in mind....But I guess this is kinda faulty execution. Completely done in Photoshop CS4 in under 2 hours!
Wood Texture: Link

Oh btw make it a Hazelnut Mocha for me! :D

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inception: Wallpapers

Still clinging on to the marvelous movie experience that was Inception.
So went onto create some wallpapers for my laptop.
Its not 'creation' exactly...just took abstract snaps from the Inception trailer which appealed to me...slapped the logo and VOILA...My Wallpapers are ready!

So I thought to share them too, to all those Inception fanatics like me.
Click on the Images to download the 1920x1200 Wallpapers:

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception: Random Muses

INCEPTION, will soon become a cult classic and sooner than you think. Its similar to the likes of The Matrix. Yes, Inception vastly reminded me of The Matrix...though I am not comparing both. Upon watching Inception, I found the same old craving that the Matrix induced in watch it over and over again. I had been seeing a lot of recent movies and I was sad that none of it stuck in my was like, the moment I finished seeing those movies...I forgot about them. But I fear, now that I have already seen Inception, I'll be obsessed with it for years to come the same way I was obsessed about The Matrix.

Christopher Nolan's a proven director with his talents in intellectual movies such as Memento, The Prestige and already proven his skills at revamping the Superhero genre with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Though this time he breaks all moulds of doubt that he's one of the best filmmakers of this century. I thought how the hell he came up with this kind of story.

Nolan has always been ambiguous in his movies... Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige...all had its fair share of ambiguity in it. As such Inception also has it...I was actually confused for a second or so though I happily embraced that ambiguity.

Yes, Nolan made the movie complex and unlike Matrix which had a cosmetic layer of action sequences, VFX and CG to mask the brilliantly intellectual content that is within, Inception was pure science and fiction and less VFX/action sequences so some people was obviously bored...add to that the long duration of 150 minutes people who already wasn’t in sync with story had nothing to sit through it and was left alone to assume and ponder what was it all about, throughout the 150 minutes. I am not telling that the VFX and CG wasn’t good...It was simple and elegant and didn’t go over the top and was the right pinch of salt for a fine broth.

The day before I went to see the movie I had an argument with one of my friends and asked him to see the previews and synopsis from the website and he refused to. I told him he'd be gaping at the visuals wondering how or what the hell happened if he didn’t pay attention to the movie. I ended up telling him the synopsis myself. I myself admit that I have a lot of doubts to clear up and I know I am going to watch this movie over and over that the clouds and assumptions clear up.

Most of the dream stuff explained in the movie was actually things that some of us had already thought about. I, for one had always been asking my friends if they ever experienced the 'The Kick' way back in 2005...or that 'if only we could record or experience each others' dreams. Everything is explained in this movie and Nolan made a splendid portraying those visually. The real stunner was the syncing ‘The Kick’ between '3 Dream within Dreams'...and WHOA IT BLEW MY MIND! That kind of perfection can only be attained by Nolan.

The Cast was perfect for this movie...though Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur), Tom Hardy (Eames) & Ellen Paige (Ariadne) stands out. Leonardo (Dom Cobb) played an amazing persona and like many others I felt the same that he continued his role from the Shutter Island. Although Marion Cottillard had a few minutes of scene-space, she, all though perfect for Inception, stood out as 'disturbing' throughout and gave a chill down my spine every time I saw her. Somehow she reminded me of Samara (The Ring) or Alma (F.E.A.R)...idk why! Ken Watanabe also got his fair share of screen time and he did it so well. Cillian Murphy served her role well as the ‘Mark’. I had no complaints with anybody whatsoever except, Michael Caine, who got a little less time.

Hans Zimmer has already worked wonders with the background score perfectly matching that of the visuals. I have been hearing Inception OST for the past week, even before the movie release. And I loved 'Dream is Collapsing', the action driven 'Mombasa' and the penultimate 'Dream within a Dream'. Sadly what I missed hearing was the score from the 3rd Inception trailer with an equal mix of action, thrills and drama. It was not found on the disc. I have been humming these tunes on my way back from the movies and I am sure it will entrance me for months to come.

There's still more I gotta write about this wonderful movie and the experience I went through .Though if I go on, I fear I might let out some spoilers. I guess I have to find another time to go on brag about Inception more. Go on, everybody you are in for the ride of your life time. Just seeing this movie once wont do it or yourself justice. I felt merely assuming the story of this brilliant film will never let you enjoy don't just assume INCEPTION. Let it try and incept the most resilient parasite in your mind.

5 Out of 5 Stars