Thursday, July 29, 2010


DeathNote has been in the Design phase for sometime now.
I mean I sketched it a month back...when I was going thru that disturbed phase (On 2nd thot...wen wasnt I ever distrubed? LOL). So it had remained a sketched since until today morning. When I suddenly opend Photoshop and started working on the sketch....and within like 4 hours...VOILA.... Mr. Boone is writing his Deathnote in Digital!
I know with 4 hours...It still doesnt look 'Abducted Wire'. Or Maybe its just me! See the original sketch here

"au revoir cruel monde"

Find it here:

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rangsi said...

Come on...writng a DEATH way out f trend....just email or sms it...dat vl b much more touchng... ;)

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