Wednesday, August 4, 2010

iOn Concept UI Design

iOn UI started out as nothing and I kept working on it adding up stuff and look what it turned out to be?
iOn Live is a Concept App for Xbox Live with much more features, a slick UI and loads of gaming entertainment packed into one.

iOn is the new 3rd party application for XBOX Live (Currently Concept Stage)
iOn includes all the basic features of the generic XBOX Live plus Whole New ones.
This is the latest innovation in online console gaming, Social Gaming & Rankings.
iOn is availiable in two versions at a very reasonable price of $3.99 pm & $15.99.
iOn LIVE Gold & iOn LIVE Basic takes your Gaming experience to a new level.

- SLICE Gaming (Social Live Intelligent Entertainment)
- Conference Gaming - 16 Gamer Player(upto 32 Players with iOn Live Gold)
- Gamer Id (Gamer Id Pro + 'RanKINGS' with iOn Live Gold)
- tiCkr ('tiCkr EXCEED' with iOn Live Gold)
- Chat Function (Video Sharing)
- FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut networking with 'CONNEKT'
- Music tiCkr: Free Music 24/7
- Plus Loads More!

Thanks for Marcella Enns for lettin me use her wonderful self-portrait [link] She looks so Gorgeous! :love:

Click here or on the image for enlarged view

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