Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Triplet Logo: A Bastard Child!

Triplet Logo Design is a Bastard! It came outta nowhere (when I was attending a boring office meeting) and I sketched it and just kept on revamping it. It came out as a simple Bar Design when I sketched it and I decided to add some 3D feel to it when I revamping it. The Colors, apparently, represents RGB...So it could be a logo for a Studio or Multimedia Service Agency. I deliberately made the GREEN bar bigger than the others coz GREEN is what drives most of us. :P
The name was the difficult part. I went on trying RGB, TRIO and stuff concerned with THREE and Colors and BARS. None, I felt, suited the design...Finally I got the name 'TRIPLET' and a suitable tagline to go with 'Good things always comes in Three'... Get it? (horny!) :P
Font used is GOTHAM BLACK.... As I am so love with it after seeing the Inception posters!

Find it here:

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