Monday, January 25, 2010

New Cute!

I was working on a Cute Creatura request and I stumbled upon this Munkii.
I Sketched/Scanned and worked on it for about 3.5 hours and looked what he is now!
The Name came from someone I knew too much! And the inspiration also came from the same.

I present you with great pleasure....KiKi The Munkii

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cute Creatura - Shiro

Here's one more addition to Cute-Creatura.
Well this is Shiro...An adorable Panda....He loves Bamboo leaves (as evident).
I think I might be building a zoo
Sketched, Scanned and Designed in Photoshop in about 3 Hours. I feel its kinda rushed though still I love my creation.
I did some research for Japanese names for him. I went for 'Sweet' (Bata), and Snow (Yuri) though Shiro was what I chose. Shiro means 'White' in Japanese.
There were many questions about my character its origins and its name. I kinda liked people asking me this and tried to find answers for them.
One of my friend asked me Panda's are from Japan? Frankly, I didnt think about it during naming him...though later when I googled i came to know that Panda's are from China. Too bad I gave him a Japanese name. But still do I want to name him 'Bái Sè' (White in Cantonese)? Nah! I'll stick with Shiro instead!
Even more doubts came when I put a 'Yataa!' beside him for my deviantID . People asked me why is the Panda saying "Yataa", Is he Japanese? Arent Pandas supposed to be Chinese? OMG I didnt know it was that much a big deal!
Another friend (and a rather cute one at that) asked me do Panda's have bellybuttons? I asked her doesnt every mammal have bellybuttons? Though in Pandas they are not visible with all those fur. She also agreed that some have 'innies' and some have 'outies'.
Nix, my friend told me after seeing the sketch that "He looks too proud of himself"...So I made minor changes to his eyes in the final piece.

Hope you enjoy it! Bye for now! Comments welcome!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


From my DeviantArt Blog

Cute Creatura

Tuesday Jan 19th 2010, 4:13 PM

I am into sketching more Cute Animals. Kinda really into it. Dunno why I am deviating from my usual style. And I dont know why the hell I am writing this blog now. Though still I am finding myself going on writing this.
So anyway I got couple of requests for some more Cute-Creatura...esp from Nix [link] Have been sketching like crazy though I am not content with anythng up til now and even worse whats happening is that I am being deviated from designing Creatura to designing something expect that soon.
But before that I am gonna design some more Cute-Creatura!


Mad About Kid-Stuff!

Friday Jan 15th 2010, 2:34 PM

I am writing this now to let you all know that I am into kid stuff now. As evident from the recent deviants I have posted...I am designing kid/cute characters. Being an adult now...I still live in a world filled with comics, cartoons and I have left a Lil niche in my mind to like them all.Even when I am enjoying a Rated R movie or playing an M Rated game...I still love to be a kid watching Lambert the Sheepish lion or playing recently released Mini Ninjas. I guess there is a kid in everyone of us. Just have to bring them out at times so as to create/design wonderful art/whatever. Coz in my opinion kids are even more talented than we all are...think of the colors they come up with, think of the patterns they do and all in utter unawareness....just to please themselves...just for their own gratification. That's how all of us should be. Many people say/do that Art is their passion...blah blah blah. Guess what are lying through your teeth. Watch those Lil can learn alot!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Ella

Well This is Baby Ella (Bella - though I still like Baby Ella more)...My Second Character following Jasper The Cat's Design. I did her a bit manga-ish and I hope everybody like's her. She's doing her very first act on that ball and she's a bit nervous/tensed/scared. I made a happy Bella and might post later.

Though I didnt make the same mistake twice...while sketching the character itself I made out the scenario, sex and name. Coz I remember what had happened with Jasper. Sketched/Scanned/Designed under 3 hours using Paper/Pen/Photoshop CS4.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!

Sorry everybody for posting this so late into this new year. But come to think of it...there is lot more of this HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Designed this work in under an hour or so..I know its nothing much to brag about...but still I am still proud that I am improving in Photoshop.

The Cat (Who Finally got a Name!)

I decided to design something completely different from my usual stuff. I dunno where/when this character popped up in my mind...though I did a quick sketch/scanned and began working on it ASAP. After it was done this manga-ish cat impressed me so much that I decided to design a few more. I was missing out on a name. I posted the final image on deviantart and asked the few viewers to come up with a name. I have got suggestions for 'Snow-Ball' & 'Pancho' from a lil viewer named Rylies Rain. I liked it though as Snow-Ball was taken for The Simpsons I had to move on. And then came another suggestion from mecuchimex and I liked it alot and I suppose it'd stay for the time being. Well I am gonna call 'HIM'...Jasper! Special thanks to mecuchimex. The background I did for this looked nice and I had got help from deviprasad through trial and error. Welcome Jasper to my world ("When I first held u in my were so small and cute and wagging ur lil tail against my chin and now look at have grown up and you have even got a name!"...LOL Crazy stuff)