Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cute Creatura - Shiro

Here's one more addition to Cute-Creatura.
Well this is Shiro...An adorable Panda....He loves Bamboo leaves (as evident).
I think I might be building a zoo
Sketched, Scanned and Designed in Photoshop in about 3 Hours. I feel its kinda rushed though still I love my creation.
I did some research for Japanese names for him. I went for 'Sweet' (Bata), and Snow (Yuri) though Shiro was what I chose. Shiro means 'White' in Japanese.
There were many questions about my character its origins and its name. I kinda liked people asking me this and tried to find answers for them.
One of my friend asked me Panda's are from Japan? Frankly, I didnt think about it during naming him...though later when I googled i came to know that Panda's are from China. Too bad I gave him a Japanese name. But still do I want to name him 'Bái Sè' (White in Cantonese)? Nah! I'll stick with Shiro instead!
Even more doubts came when I put a 'Yataa!' beside him for my deviantID . People asked me why is the Panda saying "Yataa", Is he Japanese? Arent Pandas supposed to be Chinese? OMG I didnt know it was that much a big deal!
Another friend (and a rather cute one at that) asked me do Panda's have bellybuttons? I asked her doesnt every mammal have bellybuttons? Though in Pandas they are not visible with all those fur. She also agreed that some have 'innies' and some have 'outies'.
Nix, my friend told me after seeing the sketch that "He looks too proud of himself"...So I made minor changes to his eyes in the final piece.

Hope you enjoy it! Bye for now! Comments welcome!

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