Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Cat (Who Finally got a Name!)

I decided to design something completely different from my usual stuff. I dunno where/when this character popped up in my mind...though I did a quick sketch/scanned and began working on it ASAP. After it was done this manga-ish cat impressed me so much that I decided to design a few more. I was missing out on a name. I posted the final image on deviantart and asked the few viewers to come up with a name. I have got suggestions for 'Snow-Ball' & 'Pancho' from a lil viewer named Rylies Rain. I liked it though as Snow-Ball was taken for The Simpsons I had to move on. And then came another suggestion from mecuchimex and I liked it alot and I suppose it'd stay for the time being. Well I am gonna call 'HIM'...Jasper! Special thanks to mecuchimex. The background I did for this looked nice and I had got help from deviprasad through trial and error. Welcome Jasper to my world ("When I first held u in my arms...you were so small and cute and wagging ur lil tail against my chin and now look at ya...you have grown up and wow...now you have even got a name!"...LOL Crazy stuff)

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mecuchimex said...

Hey, wow this is an honor, you took my suggestion seriously. This made my day. =)
Jasper is the cutest car EVER, obviously!!
All the best!
Greetings from Mexico <3

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