Monday, December 14, 2009

Joystick of a Disturbed!

A List of my favorite Games!

I have been playing games when I was 10 years old. Those days were days of Video-Games or 'TV Games' as the local electronic vendors called it. Instead of SNES or Sega Entertainment System...they just insulted those systems calling them mere 'TV Games'...think of the pain it'd inflict the makers! Unaware what this little box was called I happily played Mario, Road Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc in these little boxes of addictive madness...and I loved it.

These 'TV Games' were mass produced in different names by the Chinese and imported to India...and most of them was packed with a '999 Games in One' cartridges and a infrared gun for games like Duck Hunt, Wild Wild West etc and 2 gamepads one of which most likely wont work. Though when I was 13 years old I got this brand new 'TV Game' included an adapter and a gamepad...and it had a whopping 99 games embedded on its chip. I adored it so much as there were'nt much wires and hassles my mom would shout at me for. I played like 4 to 5 hours non-stop on this fancy little devil, showed it off to my friend and all...What I didnt know was this was another clone of a the SNES re-desinged by the chinese master minds. Though I still has this piece of hardware safely boxed tugged away somewhere in my junkbox accumulating dust.

Wolfenstein 3D:

I am introduced to PC in my 8th standard and I remember the first game I played on the PC was Space Invaders in DOS as well as Dangerous Dave, Chess. Then I moved on to playing B-Men, Zool etc. But I didnt have a PC of my own then and had only meagre amount of time to play. Then one day this guy from the computer institute installed a brand new 'Game'...curious and excited to know what it was...I sneaked onto his PC and found a unidentified, attractive shortcut on the desktop and I fired it up...what opened up was a world filled with so much colors and what really got to me was the 3D world that it had...I mean I was holding the gun, I was walking towards closed doors and when Blascowicz was looking around a corner...I found myself too doin the same. It was called Wolfenstein 3D...and evidently it was the first ever 3D game I played...come to think of that time I'd already started hearing 'fairy-tales' of a brand new game which had PC's creeping on its knees not able to run it....something about the 3rd instalment of an earthQuake game (thats what I thought ha). Well Wolfestein is the grandaddy of all FPSs and I gleefully agree to it. Pity I havnt had the chance to play Spear Of Destiny, the expansion to Wolfenstein 3D.

Quake III Arena:

I bought my first PC when I was in 11th std or so. And the first game I installed on it was a demo of Quake 3 Arena...just to see if it had the balls to run it and obviously it did. I played and with tear-filled eyes I played again and again...ending up in Q3DM17 being my favorite map. There were times I played Q3DM17 a whole day and racked up like 2k+ frags. I learned all the FPS terminology after playing Q3A. Q3A was and still is my favorite game. The smooth graphics and animation with ultra fast gameplay was no-where matched by its then contender...Unreal Tournament.

Batman Arkham Asylum:

Rocksteady and Eidos hit jackpot with this amazing title. Being Rocksteady's first big budget, full fledged title...It bewilders me everytime how did they ever manage to build a game of this detail, this much true to Batman and just as much fun to play. No Batman game ever released can be compared to Batman Arkham much Batman content has been woven into the game. Rocksteady made many new innovations in the gameplay mechanics one of which are the one mouse-click combat...NO! Its not a PnC (Point n Click)...but the mechanics is that much good that you have to play it to believe it. The Graphics is literal NEXT-GEN and the gameplay and atmosphere comes head to head along with an enagaging storyline and brilliant background score Batman Arkham Asylum could be GOTY 2009.

Mini Ninjas:

Its seems Eidos Interactive is on a Killing Streak. Mini Ninja's is developed by IO Interactive...yes the same guys behind Hitman Series. I never thought they could come up with a game this cute and this fun to play. The Cute-factor in this game is top villain, no enemy is 'un-cute'...leave alone the 5 Protagonists of the game each with their own background story and fighting style. Although Mini Ninjas is aimed at kids I loved playing through it. I stand against the average reveiws Mini Ninjas got...Guys...Its meant for Kids...what more do you want. Kudos to Mini Ninjas...Ni Ni Ni..Ninja!

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
Max Payne
Grand Theft Auto III
Serious Sam The First Encounter
Halo Combat Evolved
Return to Castle Wolfestein
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault
Unreal Tournament 2003
Devil May Cry 2
Warcraft III Reign Of Chaos
Max Payne 2 The Fall Of Max Payne
Counter-Strike Condition Zero
Doom 3
Half-Life 2
Halo 2
Indigo Prophecy
Devil May Cry 3
Need For Speed Most Wanted
Neighbours From Hell
God Of War
The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
God Of War II
Halo 3
Unreal Tournament III
Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Mirror's Edge
World Of Goo

Mini Ninjas
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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