Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coffee Time!

Aah yes Coffee...what could be more refreshing than a cup?
Warm to hold the cup and when u place yours lips on the rim of the cup the warmth just flows into u...making u feel all rejuvenated...
Was just feeling bored and was completely sitting 'jobless' at office and it hit me...I didn't do much personal work last 2 months. Oy vey! So I started working on this. I know I had a great concept in mind....But I guess this is kinda faulty execution. Completely done in Photoshop CS4 in under 2 hours!
Wood Texture: Link

Oh btw make it a Hazelnut Mocha for me! :D

Find it here:

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rangsi said...

oi coffeeee....wooo....wait i too need one...gud work bro.. :)

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