Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inception: Wallpapers

Still clinging on to the marvelous movie experience that was Inception.
So went onto create some wallpapers for my laptop.
Its not 'creation' exactly...just took abstract snaps from the Inception trailer which appealed to me...slapped the logo and VOILA...My Wallpapers are ready!

So I thought to share them too, to all those Inception fanatics like me.
Click on the Images to download the 1920x1200 Wallpapers:

Find it here:


Maruti said...

hey, sorry i used ur inception pics without asking. it's really good. you're welcome. :)

OxyG3n said...

Thanks Maruti, Its k...
It'd be great if u cud give credits or links to my blog.
Btw ur post on Inception was a fab read!

Anonymous said...

loving what u do man keep it up, ill use some pic for my page. school work.
ill link ur blog/page to my page . thanks

Anonymous said...

Absolutly love it! my fav is the one on the left. Do u do graphic design???

klakla93 said...

i think this is a one best film of the year,when i watch inception them bring me thoght about second a future to be happend

OxyG3n said...

Indeed klakla93
Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Big fan of your Inception Design!!

OxyG3n said...

Thanks again... [Anonymous]

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