Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I Thought! is Online!

Finally What I Thought! is Online... Feel free to have a glimpse...comment and shout out ur cuss..
Excerpt from What I Thought!

"Happy to see everybody who stumbled over here. Before wasting so much of your time reading this ABOUT page…this blog is exactly what the header says.. WHAT I THOUGHT!

Be it movies, games and other stuff…its WHAT I THOUGHT about them. Afterthoughts might be added too from time to time.

I dont consider myself as a reviewer. I am just shouting off my opinions off on Movies, Games and Whatnot and it so happens that I like to write too…So there you go… Neither do I want any of you to be biased/offended or even the slightest way what I write.. PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS ABOUT THINGS… These are mine..Live with it! Some people may feel at home…others may want to bite the flesh off my bones. Lemme know if there are any btw… :)

Happy Reading! (OR NOT!)

PS: BTW u can read the URL any way u want… Be it “Wha Tit Hot” Or “What I Thot”. All Puns intentional!"

Head over to or click on the image below.

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