Friday, July 22, 2011

Wallpaper: Tron Legacy

Still making TRON Legacy fan-art and loving it.
Though this could be a Tron Legacy 2 fan-art...something for the obvious sequel. So this is designed on some of the assumptions I had. Is CLU really gone for good? GRID is finally done with? What if both isn't gone and what if they make a comeback, opening a portal into our world a
s with CLU's obvious intentions (To make our imperfect world...PERFECT!)?
What if the dark forces (more like the orange programs) of the GRID starts taking over our world?
The design solely represents that. The Blue rings with the white glow represents the surviving good programs who lives in harmony with the meager amount of ISOs, represented in white. And yes, TRON aka Rinzler evidently turns out good at the end of LEGACY and obviously will return in the sequel as a savior so his logo in blue is also included, though still having shades of orange (evil) on it. And CLU's forces starts taking over them...slowly..Think of it as a loading bar of a game...though its 'Not Anymore' :P, starting from left CLU's forces are gradually dominating to the our world..
Will Sam & Quorra and Allen be able to save us before it reaches 'end of line'? Yes my imagination's going wild..I Know..but these plot points could be effectively realized paving way to another great sequel.

Download for widescreen wallpaper

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