Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LOST Typography!

"LOST... Where the fine Line between REAL and UNREAL fades..." Ah Whatever!
LOST is the second of my Typography and I hope to do alot more.

Done, with inspirations from LOST (series) oozing from last night, and an accidental design concept from a recent design tip acquired from vipindhanurdharan.
This was unexpected, unbelievably done in minutes and for me it looked inexplicably good...leaving me with an unquenchable thirst to design more!
This LOST piece could be considered a fan art piece for LOST Series coz I have been seeing a lot ot recently. OR it could just be visual...as the subtitle suggests...'LO' & 'ST' is LOST in between the fine line that defines REAL & UNREAL. Choose what you may.... :D

Click to Download the
HUGE version.

Find it here:

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