Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vulcan Salute: A Star Trek Minimalistic Wallpaper

I always had been a Star Wars fanboy. Though that was until I saw J J Abrams' Star Trek and wow I was blown away. The movie was extremely good and 2 weekends back and I bought the DVD and saw it again and went through the extras and stuff and I thought I gotta do something as a tribute to Spock Prime.
I still am more affined to Star Wars than Star Trek but its never a rule not to love both movie series simultaneously. Both series has its own ups and downs...(Hayden Christensen being Darth Vader and making Vader as a Pussy...being the worst).

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Anonymous said...

Trekkie reporting in, nice wallpaper!

I actually liked Hayden Christensen in the third Star Wars movie- guess I'm one d the few.

OxyG3n said...

I suppose u are a rare breed indeed!
:P Thanks

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