Friday, March 5, 2010

Story of The 8 Ball Logo

Dunno why I am again deviating from the Cute Creatura designs and doing more logo designs now. Weird Design-Phase rite?
Anyway I was designing some random logo designs based on Yin Yang concepts when I struck upon this design. I loved the 8 Ball...before I knew wot billiards was..I saw it in an episode of Tom & Jerry when was like 5-6 years old or so. I love the design of the 8 Ball...a lack ball with the number '8' painted on a white cool is that. I know people will go "WHADDAFUCK?" with what I said...but still I love the design. As I am a Game enthusiast Id like to promote the logo for a fictional game company by name '8 Ball Games'. So here is the Logo... hope y'all like it. Comments/Suggestions/Criticisms welcome!

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Love it! :)

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