Friday, March 19, 2010

Abducted Wire

Abducted Wire started out as a sketch I did a while back. As always I was always interested in the unexplained stuff like UFOs, Aliens and Abductions...and No...not Anal Probing though.

People told me that it reminded them of Pixar's Birds on a Wire...well now the guys/girls who dont knw are also gonna see it. I dont mind...the comparison. Though this was one of my original concept and sketch.

Do birds usually get abducted? Havent heard before....and even if they one's gonna put up 'Missing Posters' right? So anyway this kinda took a long time for me to the design from sketch to PSD...not coz I was'nt interested..its coz I had heaps of office work to do and was kinda feeling lazy to do this on top of all that. But I suppose I took about 10 hours in Photoshop CS4 to complete this...and for the first time I did a genuine Line art for this piece. I had so much fun doing Abducted Wire... Different Birds' expressions the one who is abducted is called 'BERD' and there is his wife on his left and his lil son leftmost. Then comes his grumpy brother with not-a-care-in-the-world attitude to his right and his tired old pops rightmost. There u go...u got the casting ha ha.

Well thats about it about Abducted Wire! Enjoy Comments, Complaints and Suggestions are welcome...This is a slightly modified version of the DeviantArt posted one...though will update soon.

Find it here:

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