Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HaLO fR3ak

Pleading for Halo 3 on PC!

Bungie's 'Halo' was highly hyped as the game which sold the Microsoft X-Box. I didnt care about it then...coz I am not at al interested in Gaming Consoles....not that I love to play in coz I dont have one!

I had played Bungie's 'Oni' on my PC and it was a pleasant gaming experience...
Halo when released for the X-Box was considered as the Half-life for PC. Stil I didnt care...I saw the screenshots, I saw the trailer....but still there wasnt an impact on me. It was a year later Halo Combat Evolved was released for the PC by Gearbox. I got my hands on it and began to play which turned out to the THE MOST EXCITING mixture of extreme Action, mind numbing Story and Pure FUN! I knew, then, what was Halo all about. I became a Halo Fanboy! Everytime I heard the Halo theme music..I had goosebumps...everytime I came across Master Chief or Cortana image on the net...I began dreaming of Halo2.

My hopes died when I knew about Microsoft acquiring Bungie and they began releasin X-Box exclusive titles the first one being Halo 2. WTF? I played Halo and was expecting to play Halo 2 but it wasnt there for the PC....Halo 2 became another 'X-Box Seller' and I was expecting these guys to port it to the PC ASAP. After a year or so...Microsoft release Halo 2 for the PC....but only for Windows Vista under their 'Games for Windows' banner..once again I was let down....but stil i didnt lose hope completly...Just to play Halo 2..I installed Vista and began playing...there were alot of issues(the main being Vista was a resource hog)...but still I got through playing Halo 2..successfully. And the Halo 2 climax was a real a real cliffhanger making me (as with all the other Halo fans) dying to play the final chapter in the Halo Trilogy....Dying to.."Finish The Fight!"

Microsoft released X360..their next generation console and I knew we were screwed..there was no way now Microsoft was releasing Halo 3 and X360 exclusive! And I wasnt wrong either..Halo3 was a X360 only title and seeing the reallt blew my mind..My hands itched as I drooled over the trailers and gameplay videos of Halo3. The Graphics, the phenomenal music, The Lighting, the action and most of all the Story....I just wanted to get my hands on Halo3 somehow but I can never afford to buy an X360...

So here I am wating for Halo 3 for PC...for about 2 years, checking for rumors about Microsoft's plans to release Halo3 on PC... Even if its released on Vista..I dont care....somehow I want to play Halo3...I am still drooling at the videos, previews and screenshots and I have even signed an online petition to release Halo3 on PC..

Here's a tribute to Halo following my 'simple yet clear' design style series.

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