Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Never Should have been Cancelled!

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
"Now and Again was an American television series that aired in the US from September 24, 1999 until May 5, 2000 on CBS. The story revolves around the United States government engineering the perfect human body for use in espionage, but not being able to yet perfect thebrain. In an attempt to get the project off and running, they take the brain of overweight family man Michael Wiseman, who is killed in a subway accident. Given a new life, Michael is kept in an apartment where he is trained by government experts, led by Dr. Theodore Morris, in the art of espionage. Despite his new life and new abilities, Michael longs to return to his wife Lisa and daughter Heather, who are themselves discovering that not all is as it seems with Michael's death. The show mixed action with comedy (particularly in the relationship between Dr. Morris and Michael), and focused largely on Michael's emotional connection to his family."

Now And Again was one of those awesome Cancel-Syndrome affected TV Shows which got cancelled after the first season. The reason was stated by CBS Channel as 'unjustifiable expense of the program'. This was one of the shows I enjoyed in the evenings on televisions...when I used to be just a kid who enjoyed nothing more than Friends and The Simpsons. Now And Again had an excellent cast and the chemistry between the characters were awesome and touching. After the season finale I never knew that CBS had cancelled the show and i thought AXN had just stopped broadcasting it entirely.

I had been tranced by the theme song of Now And Again...over and over again there's not a place in the vast Internet I hadnt searched for the song 'Gimme a Sign' Performed by Ariel Ryder & Narada Michael W...though all I got was snippets of the original songs..not the full version. Been searching for it ever since when I stumbled upon this video on Youtube which had this song as the BG Music..I ripped it off the video and enhanced it to create this mp3 for fellow fans of the show as well as the music.

Here's the link to the mp3 file:
MediaFire: Now And Again Theme Song Full 4:04
Now And Again Theme Song Full 4:04
Copyrights properties of the original artists and CBS.


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